To be the world’s premium visual provider of African content

Our mission is now a threefold statement that encapsulates Utopia’s manner of service. read more

Commitment | Responsibility | Expertise | Purpose | Innovation | Team work

Who we are



A passion demonstrable by ownership and hard work.


Work ethics that responds and contributes to team and task.


People are highly skilled, professional approach to work, self development.


Everything done is with determination, focused energy and a high level of tenacity.


Imagination, creativity, originality, that is demonstrable (not keeping ideas to yourself).


Ownership and cooperation, interdependence and candour.



UMG has consistently, through its different companies,focused on getting clients measurable results utilizing a direct response approach across multiple marketing channels.

Our Services

04.Arcadia Premium TV

Arcadia Premium Tv is an online and cable TV that produces, distributes and transmits developed content for the purpose of advertisement, entertainment, publicity and even live event coverage.

Our Services

01.Arcadia Mobile Tv

Arcadia Mobile TV is an online content developing agency, which consists of various online channels such as Music, Fashion, Food, News, Religion, Entertainment, Health, Arts, Sports, Comedy, Series, Movies, Animi (cartoons).

The Platform enables you to watch instantly content from arcadia networks through any Internet connected device that offers an arcadia application.

Our Services

02.Utopia Media Limited

Utopia Media is a digitally wired marketing communication s agency that consist of painstakingly selected hybrid professionals driven by a passion to deliver world class se rvices to our clients through our unbeatable prowess.

Our Services

03.Section 84

We are a video production company with competence for creating high quality, stylish and entertaining videos for use online, in commercials and for entertainment endeavours.

Our Lagos based production company prides itself on innovation in all aspects related to video production. From conceptual formation to the final edit, we proudly offer a full range of services that take care of everything needed to make impactful videos that will engage, entertain and inform your audience.

Our Services

04.Arcadia Digital Networks

Arcadia Digital Networks is a digital technology company with competence in online media buying and mobile advertising. Our strategic goal is to provide a 360o efficient and measurable online presence to all our clients and brands on online and mobile platforms.


We are always looking for the right people

Send your CV to enquiries@utopiamedia-group.com
Our Mission

Utopia Media Group

Our mission is now a threefold statement that encapsulates Utopia’s manner of service towards clients and stakeholders.

01.Develop and manage content and digital marketing strategy for clients.

02.Create technology enhanced engagement between our clients and their target audience.

03.Delivery resulting in bottom-line impact and African story being told.

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