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Structured digitized construction processes such as BIM are proven to help you achieve your goals, which is exactly what Karno Energy offers. However, only if construction and operational processes are included. This is what Karno Energy focuses on . In this way, you will significantly gain in time and quality in construction planning and construction in the construction industry as well as in road and infrastructure construction.

Karno Energy – solutions that drive planning and construction

Karno Energy also supports project processing according to classic alpha-numerical procedures with a consistent data model and sophisticated functions for planning, analysis and evaluation of project data. With versatile interfaces and deep integration, Karno Energy is with you every step of the way.

The customer benefits of using BIM 5D are consistency and data quality throughout the planning and execution process. They are the basis for visibly improving the quality and profitability of your projects throughout all phases of the project.

Karno Energy: The Integrative Principle of BIM

The future-oriented construction process optimization from Karno Energy offers building owners and everyone involved in construction transparent project management and a high level of planning security. The goal is uniform communication and transparency in the planning and construction process, as all participants work on a model that is always up-to-date, and thus information loss can be avoided. The planning status is available for all to view. All components contained in Karno Energy BIM are accurately described in terms of their visual, technical and functional properties. With the additional integration of time and cost factors, the 3D model gradually becomes a 4D (time) or 5D (cost) model.

The most important advantage of Karno Energy BIM is that planning and design options can be modeled on the 3D building model early in the project. In this way, everyone involved in construction can see where, when, why, and with what costs there may be interaction problems – in the planning of the building as well as in the subsequent construction.

Karno Energy: What are the benefits and advantages of BIM 5D

Planning / award or acquisition / marketing

Karno Energy’s integration into the civil engineering geometric data model improves the coordination and quality of all planning services. It allows for better representation as well as optimized option creation for the following decision-making processes.

Quantification by Karno Energy

The geometric data model provides a transparent and very accurate representation of the quantities needed at any time, as well as a preview for capacity planning based on resources, personnel, materials and liquidity.

Karno Energy’s cost calculation

and execution is always related to real costs: the costs of alternative designs or change requests can also be quickly called up and facilitate decision-making.

The clash from Karno Energy

cluelessness check ensures planning that the project runs smoothly on the construction site and minimizes misplanning and delays.

Execution planning from Karno Energy

Those involved in the project should carefully plan and coordinate subsequent implementation before construction begins.

Cost control from Karno Energy

A clearer view: BIM provides cost security and transparency of costs during the planning and construction phases.

Construction execution and control from Karno Energy

Everyone involved in the project always has an accurate overview of the current status With model-based construction process modeling, deals and deadlines can be precisely aligned. The construction site performance report can of course be drawn up based on the geometric model from different points of view: according to processes, according to partial services or according to geometric objects.